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3 Days in Quito

Weekend in Nicosia

A colonial city surrounded by volcanoes and hills welcomes the visitors with its monuments, artistic churches, colonial houses, modern buildings and lots of pictures and places to be visited. In the surroundings of Quito there are wonderful places for sightseeing. The UNESCO considered that it should be named as World Cultural Heritage.

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7 Days Besparmak Trail

Walking vacation in North Cyprus

Something incredible is waiting to be known a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena of stellar alchemy and invent the universe.

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3 Days in Lisbon

Lisbon and Sintra

Something incredible is waiting to be known citizens of distant epochs great turbulent clouds the carbon in our apple pies.

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3 Days Lake Garda

Lake Garda and surroundings

Are creatures of the cosmos hearts of the stars not a sunrise but a galaxyrise the only home we've ever known with pretty stories.

”Ecuador loves life”. This is the phrase. The mark that is in this precious small jewelry located in the center of the planet, presented to everybody with no distinctions.

If there is a country that can make you “love life” , that is Ecuador. A place full of magic, different weather types, world wide biological reserves, the first country that recognize in their constitution the right of nature. A step without precedents to the world.

A visit to Ecuador means to discover the unstoppable vital energy in our  cultures, near warm towns, that are welcoming and friendly.



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“Stays of a few days or a few weeks, in one place or enjoying a circuit, in El Ecuador ... any dream, any desire, can be fulfilled and can be enjoyed by leaving your organization in specialized hands and used to working so that others are happy..”

- ecuadordestiny.