How to enjoy the Amazonia with pure style

The best way to enjoy a trip with pure style is to have experiences at their 100% in the different activities we offer you in the Amazon region of Ecuador. We invite you to visit it, as you become a member of the tribes that live there, being in Eco lodges located in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Some advises to enjoy the best of the excursions

The visit to the Amazon Region must begin with a review of ecological tourism. What it means? To keep in mind that the excursions we realize are closely ecofriendly with environments of this region, considered one of the most originals places of the world.

Some of the activities, for example, is the enter to a primary forest of the Amazon. There, we can observe flowers never imagined. The majority of this forest is totally wild, no visited by human beings.

Also, we will enjoy watching flock of toucans flying, green parrots in a pier. The Amazon is a place where you can relax and rest for hours, enjoying the singing of birds that live in absolutely freedom. Turtles, butterflies, and every species you observe means a real delight for our senses.

For more adventures we recommend to take a night tour in Garzacocha Lake, where is easy to observe owls. Definetely the best rest is in Ecuador Amazon eco lodges,

which are hotels located in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, making our visit authentic with relative comfort.

Finally, and high recommended is a visit to one the indigenous communities that live in the region. We will have the opportunity to see how they live and their main customs. We will feel that our usually and daily stress of our life is completely gone. The communities will give us a very good welcome and will offer us drinks, meat, and traditional dances and songs

This is without any doubt the most original way to learn about one of the most beautiful regions of the world. Some people call this region the best lung of the planet. This is one of the best regions to visit and have a wonderful experience Do not miss it. Welcome.