Yarina Eco Lodge

YARINA Eco Lodge, is strategically located in an area of ​​forest with the highest biodiversity of micro-habitats in the Napo area of ​​low, this means that there are more species of animals, birds, flora, reptiles and insects per hectare than other sides of the banks of the Napo under and around.

YARINA Eco Lodge, is located on the banks of the Napo River, just 60 minutes away by covered motorized canoe from the town of Coca. The Napo River is the largest tributary of the Amazon River, located in the heart of the Amazon basin.

YARINA Eco Lodge, It is a founding member of the Conservation YUTURI, a group dedicated to the protection and conservation of the Ecuadorian Amazon forest and its fauna and flora, which works together with other organizations involved in these projects. Part of their projects involve direct work with communities and local populations.

YARINA Eco Lodge, born more than eight years ago as a program to teach the importance of care and conservation of the local wildlife and environment, to local indigenous populations. But every year, the Lodge was growing, changing, adopting and developing important new ways of working with the local people, national and international visitors and nowadays, it is considered one of the most important and best wildlife rescue centers in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

We are sure that you will enjoy discovering magic and charm of the Amazon Eco Lodge Yarina and learning with us the best way to preserve this heritage of wildlife in nature.

Remember … taking care nature is everyone’s responsibility!