In the last few years, people use to call “lodge” to almost any picturesque hotel close to nature. But it is a word that defines a very specific type of accommodation. If you want to get a quick overview you just have to see our Ecuador Amazon lodges, but briefly, a lodge has some requirements:

  • It is close to nature, in a natural park, for example, that is something Ecuador has in abundance, especially in the Amazon.
  • It is “built” (with walls and doors, not to be confused with luxury tents, which remain being tents).
  • It is built with local materials.
  • It looks after the environmental impact, in order to reduce it to its minimum expression.
  • It is related, born, or linked in some way to local cultures where it rises.

Now that you have a more complete picture about it, it’s time to take a step forward, and see what Ecuador Amazon luxury lodges can offer to you.

Immerse yourself in local cultures

All the lodges you will find in our website have been built with local materials, and most of them by the local populations themselves.

With a rustic style, reflecting the style of construction of the indigenous communities, you will find comfortable cottages in cane, wood, and other materials. The dining rooms, terraces and common rooms tend to be in larger cottages, where you can enjoy delightful panoramas.

What is the objective of the lodges? A few years ago, “lodges” were the places for hunters and fishermen to rest and refuge. Today, they are resting places for hikers, sportsmen, observers of birds, or in general, for nature lovers.

All of them have a strong indigenous air, which is reflected in the activities and the staff. In some of these lodges you will have the opportunity to perform and see things, that you can’t see or do in any other part of the world.

Ecuador Amazon luxury lodges: comfort in the middle of the jungle

And all this with maximum comfort, within the characteristics of a lodge. Although each cottage have doors and windows closed, they are in the middle of the jungle after all. It’s not uncommon to sneak some “visitor” in the room.

But the comfort, the environment, the staff, there, in the middle of Nature… there you will have the experience you never had before. There you will feel the planet. You will discover new paths, new plants, new animals. And after an exhausting day of enjoying nature, you come back to the lodge and by then, you understand the meaning of “luxury lodge”.