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A real way of knowing the Galapagos Islands is aboard Galapagos cruise ships by size.

The Galapagos Islands are a set of islands that are currently facing Ecuador and were formed thanks to the volcanic activity of the marine area, thousands of years ago. To these lands came some species of animals that were adapted to the environment and today are considered unique species in the world.

In this different, fascinating, comprehensive, unique and exotic environment, the traveller is destined to live the life in its purest state. Made up of thirteen major islands and forty islets, the three inhabited islands where the greater tourist activity is set are: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabella.

Knowing the main corners of the Galapagos.

Aboard the Galapagos cruise ships, the tourist will be able to find out the most inhospitable corners that hide these unrepeatable experiences.

  • San Cristobal is the capital of the province of Galapagos and accounts with an important tourist infrastructure. It can be observed first-hand, sea lions – especially in the “Playa del Cabo de Hornos”, to which the sea lions go in the late afternoon to relax. In the island, it is also easy to observe healthy and young tortoises, go to visit the freshwater lagoon, which is located 700 meters above the sea level, and which provides drinking water to the entire island; and observe from its vantage points the birds that inhabit the small islets that surround the island. In addition, you can snorkel.
  • Santa Cruz is also called the “land of encounters”. Its main activity depends on the sea and tourism, which is why it has a wide variety of places to stay. Notable places to visit are: the “channel of love” and the “beach of the dogs”, where marine iguanas can be seen; “la playa del garrapatero”, where a community of pink flamingos live and rest; or the research centre of giant turtles along with the top of the island, considered as the natural habitat of this type of turtles. Another option is to enjoy the community tourism along with the inhabitants of the island to see their customs.
  • Isabella is the largest island and the best preserved. In its land is found the largest volcano of the world and a good point to observe the vast caldera. In the south, you will find small hotels where you can enjoy the eco-tourism and relaxation that creates its amazing scenery. The Bay of the island is ideal for snorkeling and to watch the sharks that swim in the area. Here, we also find a giant tortoise breeding centre and the so-called “Muro de las Lágrimas” built by the convicts who inhabited the island during the 50s of XX century.