7 01, 2020

Ecuador Destiny 2020: A new way to love life

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“”Ecuador love life”. This is the phrase. The mark that’s in this precious small jewelry located in the center of the planet, presented to the world. If there is a country that can make you “love life” countries symbol, that is Ecuador. A place full of magic, different weather types, world wide biological reserves, the first country that recognize in their constitution the right of nature. A step without precedents to the world. To visit Ecuador means to discover the unstoppable vital energy in our forest, jungle, flora, fauna, in similar cultures a near by warm towns, that are welcoming, friendly. To visit Ecuador this time, yes….. to discover an internal world. And we will be pleased to help you discover this amazing country like never before..
6 01, 2020

Darwin’s Travel to Galapagos Islands

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the important consequences that had for human evolution theory
Since I was a child, I have been interested in everything related to the flora and fauna of the world we live. The adventure to Galapagos Islands, which happened to take place firstly in the late 16th century, was confirmed later by Charles Darwin in the 19th century, and there was a consequence of it: the theory of the Evolution of Species.
With his travel to Galapagos Islands, Darwin’s main target was to investigate the geology of the islands, besides making a natural history collection. However, he was able to observe the flora and the fauna of the place, and he came to the conclusion that the species he saw were able to adapt and modify their physical aspect to the changing world. Therefore, the strongest one is able to survive into a determined context. Moreover, he stated that present human beings were also the product of evolution – they modified themselves in order to achieve a new form. And this implied a common descent; in this case, simian species.
Although some detractors, the theory attracted the attention of many areas, including the Church, especially the Church of England which gave a mixed response to the theory. Darwin’s book was translated into a lot of languages and became a truly scientific text that has survived until today. His theory became very popular among pop culture, so he was the target of some cartoonists.
Darwin’s thought has had an enormous impact on different science fields. Scientists convinced themselves that the theory of evolution from a common descent and modifications to become adapted to the context was correct. During the 1930s and 1950s, the theory [...]

5 01, 2020

Galapagos Cruise Ships by Size

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Cruise Ships for all tastes
A real way of knowing the Galapagos Islands is aboard Galapagos cruise ships by size.

The Galapagos Islands are a set of islands that are currently facing Ecuador and were formed thanks to the volcanic activity of the marine area, thousands of years ago. To these lands came some species of animals that were adapted to the environment and today are considered unique species in the world.
In this different, fascinating, comprehensive, unique and exotic environment, the traveller is destined to live the life in its purest state. Made up of thirteen major islands and forty islets, the three inhabited islands where the greater tourist activity is set are: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabella.

Knowing the main corners of the Galapagos.
Aboard the Galapagos cruise ships, the tourist will be able to find out the most inhospitable corners that hide these unrepeatable experiences.

San Cristobal is the capital of the province of Galapagos and accounts with an important tourist infrastructure. It can be observed first-hand, sea lions – especially in the “Playa del Cabo de Hornos”, to which the sea lions go in the late afternoon to relax. In the island, it is also easy to observe healthy and young tortoises, go to visit the freshwater lagoon, which is located 700 meters above the sea level, and which provides drinking water to the entire island; and observe from its vantage points the birds that inhabit the small islets that surround the island. In addition, you can snorkel.
Santa Cruz is also called the “land of encounters”. Its main activity depends on the sea and tourism, which is why it has a wide variety of places to stay. Notable places to [...]

4 01, 2020

Ecuador Amazon luxury lodges for an incredible experience

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In the last few years, people use to call "lodge" to almost any picturesque hotel close to nature.
3 01, 2020

The most popular Galapagos cruise ships

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The Galapagos Islands are one of the most magical, spectacular, and special places of the planet. And they deserve to be discovered and visited in the best possible way.
2 01, 2020

Ecuadorian Amazon Eco Lodges

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How to enjoy the Amazonia with pure style

The best way to enjoy a trip with pure style is to have experiences at their 100% in the different activities we offer you in the Amazon region of Ecuador. We invite you to visit it, as you become a member of the tribes that live there, being in Eco lodges located in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Some advises to enjoy the best of the excursions
The visit to the Amazon Region must begin with a review of ecological tourism. What it means? To keep in mind that the excursions we realize are closely ecofriendly with environments of this region, considered one of the most originals places of the world.
Some of the activities, for example, is the enter to a primary forest of the Amazon. There, we can observe flowers never imagined. The majority of this forest is totally wild, no visited by human beings.

Also, we will enjoy watching flock of toucans flying, green parrots in a pier. The Amazon is a place where you can relax and rest for hours, enjoying the singing of birds that live in absolutely freedom. Turtles, butterflies, and every species you observe means a real delight for our senses.

For more adventures we recommend to take a night tour in Garzacocha Lake, where is easy to observe owls. Definetely the best rest is in Ecuador Amazon eco lodges, which are hotels located in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, making our visit authentic with relative comfort.

Finally, and high recommended is a visit to one the indigenous communities that live in the region. We will have the opportunity to see how they live and their main customs. We will feel that [...]