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Ecuador loves life, and life overflows by its mountains, its rivers, its beaches, its forests and its cities. The Ecuadorian Pacific Coast is a sample of this statement, it offers to the tourist all kinds of attractions that made the region and the country to become a destination reference.

Urban and cultural centres

An unmissable stop in the region is Guayaquil. The most populous city in Ecuador is a commercial and cultural focus, and inside its streets, its architecture and parks you will feel the heartbeat of the community.But there are other interesting urban points in the region:

  • Santo Domingo, and its rich environment of forests and biodiversity
  • Machala, with its history and its monuments.
  • Manta, with their incomparable beaches

But wait a minute, did you say beaches?

Dream Beaches

The beaches are one of the greatest attractions in Ecuador and its Pacific Coast justifies its reputation. Its extensive beaches of fine and white sand receive every year thousands of tourists, which can lie back and enjoy the sun, swim in the warm waters of the Pacific or walk through the endless shores, between the different species of coastal birds. Thus, Manta is a good exponent, but Salinasis another captive centre to enjoy the Ecuadorian beaches.

Natural Wonders

For the eco tourist and the nature lover, the region has some focus of interest, such as the Manglares Churute National Park (how many opportunities will you have in your life of travelling through mangroves and discover their flora and fauna?) or Machalilla. Over there, you will not only find almost 500 native animal species, but you can also dive into the only coral reef found in this Costa, or watch the humpback whales on their migration.

Appropriate Infrastructure

With so many attractions, it is hoped that the hotel infrastructure is well developed. And that is true: the hotel offers are first quality, with hotels equipped with all possible comforts, and very close or well communicated with the points of interest in the region.
What are you waiting to discover the treasure that encloses the Ecuadorian Pacific coast?

Everything you can dream of, if you love life, you can find it there.


The following list offers a combination of TOURS for you to choose:


Guayaquil and its surroundings

Guayaquil is a modern and very active city. It is the main producer of foreign exchange, since it is an operational center for the country. It has a lot of industries which are growing every day in all production branches, which makes it the country’s largest city. Nowadays, it has about 3 million inhabitants.

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Sun Route or Spondylus Route

Sun Route or Spondylus Route

La Ruta del Sol is a journey through the most beautiful and popular beaches and colorful coast villages in Ecuador, combined with surfing, fishing, whale watching, bird watching and other activities.

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Machalilla park

It was declared national park in 1979, with an area of 55,0000 hectares. It protects coastal and marine habitat. It is a tropical dry forest in contrast with a humid cloud forest. It offers a spectacular craftsmanship and diverse gastronomy.

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The following list offers a number of hotels and resorts for you:


Hotels and Accommodation

The Ecuadorian Coast has a very complete and modern hotel infrastructure full of comfortable hotels. The facilities, located in central locations in each province, allow tourists to get food service, accommodation, seminars and events, water sports, national and international sports, spa, etc.

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