“”Ecuador loves life”. This is the phrase. The mark that is in this precious small jewelry located in the center of the planet, presented to everybody.

If there is a country that can make you “love life” , that is Ecuador. A place full of magic, different weather types, world wide biological reserves, the first country that recognize in their constitution the right of nature. A step without precedents to the world.

To visit Ecuador means to discover the unstoppable vital energy in our forest, jungle, flora, fauna, in similar cultures near by warm towns, that are welcoming and friendly.
To visit Ecuador this time, yes….. to discover an internal world. And we will be pleased to help you discover this amazing country like you never did before..

Don’t “visit” Ecuador: ¡discover and enjoy it!

Ecuador Destiny is a specialized division of Caribbean travel able to offer the most reliable personalized and suitable market services, supported by the experience of professionals and by the knowledge of the most popular travel options for those who come to visit the Ecuador from all corners of the world.

Caribe Viajes, Ecuador Destiny, offers upon request several services throughout the country, such as:

  • Adventure programs:: Ecuador has a climate without defined stations and constant temperatures similar to spring, in addition to its high percentage of light during the day, it is the perfect country to enjoy adventure plans during its visit. The more adventurous tourist can practice, among other sports, climbing, zip-lining, a ride in a kayak on the main soft water rivers in the country, surfing, cycling and horseback riding, snorkelling and diving.
  • Eco-tourism programs: as a result of the country’s great natural diversity, including its spectacular wildlife, this program includes the observation of birds, butterflies, insects, or whales; besides the observation of orchids, wild and exotic plants. In this program, we also have biological and geological excursions for those who wish, including a visit to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Tourism community programs: visit and share everyday life with the natives in their habitat. The main goals of this kind of tourism are the revitalization of the indigenous people culture (most of them with a very remote past),the management of those peoples territories, and the integration of the local economy related to these towns.
  • Tourism gastronomic programs: Ecuador is a country of great gastronomic tradition that has received a lot of Indigenous and European influences, and it has the desire to constantly renew itself thanks to the new chefs generations who work tirelessly for its promotion. As a result, the tourist can enjoy traditional and new dishes from different areas and regions of the country.

All this, within classic and must-see places: the big cities, such as Guayaquil, Quito and the beautiful colonial Cuenca.

Our website 2018 for you, to feel close to Ecuador.

Yes, we love Ecuador, and we want you to love Ecuador too. For this reason, it is a big pleasure for us to introduce you our new web and new blog.

A web to give you an easy option. A site to discover different regions, cities, parks and indigenous markets of Ecuador. So you will know what is waiting for you.

In every site, and in our blog, you will find our particular recommendations for accommodation: the best hotels and hostels, with complete services, with amazing cuisine, and the best comments of the people who came to Ecuador and at the end, all that people that love Ecuador.

You cannot resist. We know… we lived this already, and we promise that you will live this wonderful experience too. A trip is not just to know 3 places and buy 3 souvenirs, for us, a trip is to discover and love what you have lived and what you have seen.

So, do you want to join us to discover Ecuador?