If you are fond of diving and you want to visit the Galapagos Islands not only because of give you the surface, also for its incredible marine life, diving cruise is a unique option.

If your passion is diving, you will not find another place like the Galapagos Islands. With an enviable natural environment, where only native species lives, the islands offer the opportunity to closely observe one of the most beautiful underwater sceneries: you can swim with turtles, marine iguanas and even sharks.

Thanks to our specific diving cruises, you will have the opportunity to visit suitable areas for any type of diving, like initiation, surface, cross, etc. Additionally, you’ll have the services of the most experienced guides to turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.

You will be attended by naturalist guides who will explain your environment carefully, so that you achieve understanding the fantastic framework in which activities are carried, they also tell you about the fauna and flora. You’ll also have diving guides and assistants, who will support you during your experiences on the water.

The boats that perform specific itineraries for diving are equipped with the best technology for the divers can do their activities: they have specific platforms, observation areas, and even places where to install their photographic equipment to immortalize amazing sightings or the idyllic landscapes, that you will visit while browsing the islands.

Our teams pass all security checks and have all the relevant certificates for your peace during your stay: they are also particularly designed to respect the ecology of the protected area on the islands. With which you can relax and enjoy your favorite activity, or if you prefer, you can partially dedicate your time to it while the rest of your time, you take advantage of the other services in the boat: social areas, decks, entertainment areas, sundeck, solarium, etc. For this reason, it is important to inform yourself about which are the ships that offer the services that best fit on your needs.

Cruises are available all year, only if the weather conditions are right, so you can match them with your rest time. No lose your time to book the adventure you’ve always wanted; choose your itinerary and visit the islands considered Natural Heritage.