Luxury Cruises


Luxury Cruises are a traveller’s dream. Imagine visiting dream places with all the comfort that gives you a service that goes beyond the first class: at your fingertips you have swimming pools, jacuzzi, bars and restaurants, terraces, libraries… all for your enjoyment and pleasure.

If you are travelling on a luxury cruiser you can take refuge in the most exclusive cabins, with all the facilities that you can imagine: bathroom with all the facilities, air conditioning or private balconies facing the sea (so you can enjoy the spectacular views from the boat). You can revel in the sunrises and sunsets on board of an impressive floating city created with the sole purpose of satisfying you.

In addition, besides the route you choose, you will have at your disposal the most helpful staff, among them, a naturalist guide that will transform your pleasure trip in an enriching cultural experience. Moreover, you will enjoy the meals of great cooks and a medical service which will provide you with an extra security to your adventure.

All the vessels meet all the safety regulations to guarantee a comfortable ride where you only receive pleasant surprises. Some of them also have a stabilization system in order to minimize the movement of the boat and give a smooth ride to it, even if you have never travelled on a boat or you feel dizzy easily.

From the luxury cruises daily depart one or two excursions which will enable you to get in touch with the nature of the island and live unique experiences. As an example of activities, you can enjoy walks through natural landscapes to discover the flora and fauna (as Darwin did almost two centuries ago); diving sessions for both unexperienced as for those practising diving depth; visits to uninhabited islands, sightings of sea lions, rays and sharks; photographic safaris, and natural parks. Depending on the nature, it may be possible to walk along the lava, seeing unique species or finding certain periods of reproduction of the species.

Luxury Cruises offer not only a unique comfort, but also the possibility of an incomparable adventures with the best guides and experts. In addition to varied activities in unique environments, you will enjoy the greatest amenities during your adventure through the Galapagos Islands.