Ecuador Destiny is a specialized division of Caribbean travel able to offer the most reliable personalized and convenient services of the market, supported by the experience of competent professionals and knowledge of the most popular travel options for those who come to visit the Ecuador from all corners of the world.

Caribe Viajes, Ecuador Destiny, offers upon request various services throughout the country, such as:

  • Adventure programs: Ecuador has a climate without defined stations and a constant temperature similar to the one of the spring, in addition to its high percentage of light during the day, which makes it the perfect country to enjoy adventure plans during its visit. The more adventurous tourist can practice, among other sports, climbing, zip-lining, a ride in a kayak on the main rivers of soft water in the country, surfing, cycling and horseback riding, snorkelling or diving.
  • Eco-tourism programs: as result of the country’s great natural diversity, including its spectacular wildlife, this program includes the observation of birds, butterflies, insects, or whales; as also the observation of orchids, wild and exotic plants. In this program, we also have biological and geological excursions for those who wish to do so, including a visit to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Tourism community programs: visit and share everyday life with the natives in their habitat. The main objectives of this type of tourism are the revitalization of the culture indigenous people (most of them with a very remote past), better management of the territory of those peoples, and to energize and integrate the local economy of these towns.
  • Tourism gastronomic programs: Ecuador is a country of great gastronomic tradition that has received so much Indian influence as a European one, and has the desire to constantly renew itself thanks to the new generations of chefs who work tirelessly for its promotion. As a result, the tourist can enjoy different traditional, renovated and new dishes from different areas and regions of the country.
  • Programs of Agro – Tourism: with this program the traveller may stay in a completely quiet and rural environment and find the hospitality and friendship of the local communities in the country. S/he will notice their every-day life and the importance of their coffee, and of fundamental products for the local economy routes such as banana or cacao, as well as flower plantations and farms of ostriches and bees.

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Caribe Viajes

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