Hotels in Imbabura

Located in the North Sierra of Ecuador, Imbabura province is one of the most beautiful places in the country (and that’s a lot to say). Land of majestic volcanoes, lakes of dream, some of the most interesting cities of Ecuador, and a multitude of climates in less than 5000 km2. Definetely, a place to discover.

Natural and cultural wonders

Imbabura is known as “the Province of Lakes”, and this is not in vain: the San Pablo, the Yaguarcocha, Puruhanta … are just some of the lakes and ponds that populate the region, a place with huge contrasts and steep profiles. Contrasts in climate, vegetation and fauna on landscapes: from the cold wasteland of the Andes, the Mediterranean forest environment around Ibarra, to the subtropical highland west. And always in the shadow of the great couple of volcanoes: Mom Cotacachi and Imbabura Dad.

This makes Imbabura a place that deserves to be discovered slowly, enjoying nature and the typical dishes of the region at the same time; because Imbabura not only lives of natural wonders. Its culture is equally varied and interesting: the cuisine is a mainstay in the six towns of the province: Ibarra, Catacachi, Otavalo, Pimampiro, Atuntaqui and Urcuquí, with an urban checkerboard design, typical of the old Spanish villas. Ibarra, with its white walls, should not be missed. Neither the other attractions in the region: from Inca ruins to thermal spas, Spanish castles, colonial haciendas, fairs …

To sum up, a lot to see and much to marvel at. It is an area where you can not spend only a day in order to visit it. It is a place that deserves a visit in depth, so you will need a good accommodation. But that is not a problem, because the tourism infrastructure in the province of Imbabura is wide, and there are several places in which to rest with all the amenities, and even venture into the local culture.

Here you have a proposal with the most interesting and recommended accommodations in Imbabura.

The Mirage
Hacienda Cusin
Hacienda Pinsaquí
Puerto Lago
Hostería Pueblo Viejo
Hacienda Chorlavi