Hotels in Quito

Quito, capital of Ecuador, and the second most populous city, behind Guayaquil, is a prime tourist destination, a place that will fulfill all your expectations (whatever you want for your trip) because is the beating heart of Ecuador. Located in the foothills of the Pichincha volcano, it is a maze of valleys, hills and glens inside of it, with the iconic Cerro del Panecillo. Do you want to know what hides Quito to you?

A reference centre

Quito was the first city declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco in 1978, along with Krakow. And this is due to the wealth accumulation and the preservation of its historic centre, which are impressive, and which will offer visitors the wonderful feeling of not being transported to another place, but to another time.

Mixed and matched with beautiful colonial and contemporary buildings, you will find lots of temples, some of them are huge and beautiful, such is the case of the Metropolitan Cathedral, or the great Basilica of El Voto Nacional (which highlights its original decoration with Ecuadorian designs). In addition to all this, its museums and cultural centres are breathtaking for the traveller who wants to know other cultures and ways of living.

You will also have to add different kinds of fairs and shops, restaurants with local cuisine, and a vigorous nightlife, around the Plaza el Quinde, and you will have a perfect destination that will take you several days of visit in order to start (just start) knowing it. Did you know that in Quito you can find even a park for extreme sports?

Where to stay in Quito?

As a centre of tourist interest, hotels in Quito are heterogeneous, with wide supplies and huge quality. From towering top hotels in the city centre, to cozy cottages or small hostels, there is an ideal type of accommodation for your travelling characteristics.

In Ecuador Destiny we have prepared a small selection of the most interesting places to rest, where you will find all the necessary amenities, the best equipment, and ultimately whatever you need, whether you are travelling alone or if you do it with friends, family, or a group .

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