The Galapagos Islands are one of the most magical, spectacular, and special places of the planet. And they deserve to be discovered and visited in the best possible way.

Can you think a better way than a luxurious cruise?

Currently there is a great offer of Galapagos cruise ships.

, and in Ecuador Destiny we have selected for you the most valuated ones, and those who garantee the best experience.

But today we want to talk you about two of them. Two of the most popular Galapagos cruise ships: the Ocean Spray, and the Galapagos Legend.

The Ocean Spray: a mega-catamaran for crossing the Pacific.

This wonderful boat, built in 2011, is an enormous dimension catamaran (a mega catamaran) that provides one of the most pleasurable experiences in the Galapagos.

Despite its size, only has capacity for 16 passengers (in a total of 9 cabins). But that’s the idea: to offer wide cabins, along with common areas of relaxation, in which you can even enjoy a jacuzzi.

With a small but effective crew to help you with anything you need, the experience of all of us who have travelled aboard the Ocean Spray is absolute relaxation and well-being.

Among the crew there is a naturalist, which is responsible to explain, in a very entertaining way, everything you need to know about the Enchanted Islands.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Ocean Spray is that, thanks to its lightweight catamaran designed for sailing, you can reach areas you cannot see in other ships.

In summary: luxury, comfort, relaxation and good cuisine in an incomparable setting.

Galapagos Legend: a legend among the most popular Galapagos cruise ships

This ship is maybe the most complete cruise you will find on Galapagos. Small enough to sail between the islands and rocks. Big enough to host 90 passengers. Provided with international and Ecuadorian menus, you will surely taste delightful cooking, and it also has plenty of leisure and entertainment options: game room, computers with internet, swimming pool, jacuzzis, massages, bars, playground for kids, and much more.

In addition, six naturalists attend the passage in different languages, so every tour to each island is prepared with all the precautions, and all the information.

And perhaps this is what makes so special the Galapagos cruise ships: besides entertainment, gastronomy, relaxation and fun, these cruises always have naturalist echoes. As if, somehow, all of us were following the trail of the Beagle.

Relive Darwin’s experiences aboard a cruise ship, enjoying the views from the terrace of your cabin. The best place for your next vacation!