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Indigenous Markets
Framed by the majestic Andes, and not far from Quito, we can experience the authentic atmosphere of indigenous peoples on market days. Villagers sell their products once a week in different locations. Salespeople arrive very early with the rising of the sun to fill up colourful markets nearby towns. These people are part of primitive indigenous tribes that were settled in the Andes mountains thousands of years ago and they still maintain their ancestral customs that contrast with modern life.
Classified by days of the week, in order to get a better service, we would recommend you the following ones:
Monday, market of Ambato. It is a wholesale market dedicated exclusively to the sale of products for traders; consequently, it is the one that has minor tourist interest.

Tuesday, market of Latacunga. The sale of agricultural products is the main engine of the city economy.
Wednesday, markets in Pujili also on Sundays) and Otavalo (also on Saturdays).Most of the inhabitants of Pujilí are indigenous, they take advantage of the market day to sell their traditional products, their clay and ceramics. Otavalo, on the other hand, stands out for the sale of textile products (carpets, ponchos, hand-woven bags, or the famous Panama Hat).
Thursday, market of Saquisili. It is one of the most prominent markets in the North of the country. It is characterized by the marketing of agricultural products and the sale of cattle and sheeps.
Friday, market of Salaron. The small village of Salaron is located in the high Andes and it is there where a traditional indigenous market takes place every Friday.
Saturday, Zumbahua market. It's a very attractive market for tourists; its esence is very traditional and indigenous. In the same area we can also visit the Quilotoa lagoon, in which visitors will find a small village with a large set of craft sales.
Sunday, Salcedo market (also Wednesday), located in the District of la Tebaida in Quito, with Marketing of animals and vegetables. Recently, a new space has been built to locate the municipal market.